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Openreach are leaving the voice market and ceasing to supply ISDN lines from 2025 as they move to an IP-based model of voice communication.

Vodafone are also terminating ISDN lines (Cable and Wireless) with their existing network closing during February 2019.
The change is being led by the telecoms industry, not the government, but it is supported by Ofcom and BDUK. This means that there is much to be decided with current and future plans changing.

The decision by Openreach means a major change for analogue lines which are used for many different things from alarms to sluice gates and emergency contact for 999 calls. These services use the voice DTMF tones so will cease to function after the switch off.

The Openreach PSTN (Public Service Telecoms Network) copper estate is not closing and will be used to support existing broadband services and those due to be launched in 2020.
These are planned to provide voice as a data product at a similar price point to the existing line.

if you are thinking about changing your telephone system - we have Hosted and SIP based solutions that we can supply and install for you

  • 2020 SOTAP will be launched – a simple voice only service on analogue lines
  • 2023 ISDN can no longer be ordered
  • 2025 Openreach to cease ISDN lines
  • 2025 Openreach to cease voice & DTMF tones on analogue lines
  • 2033 Fibre connectivity available nationally

The widespread roll out of fibre optic services means many of ISDN’s and PSTN’s advantages have now started to disappear. VoIP technology is a cheaper and more flexible option which has largely contributed to the decision.

Berkshire Telephone Systems  are here to help your transisiton from analogue and ISDN to VoIP and SIP services,

Single Order Transitional Access Product (SOTAP) is a new product that will deliver a copper path between the end customer’s premises and the SOTAP CPs exchange infrastructure, over which the SOTAP CP can provide broadband and IP voice services
Maintenace contracts for
Siemens Hipath 3000
Siemens Realitis and iSDX
Unify Openscape Business
Mitel MiVoice
Mitel 3000 and 4000

It is easy to set up maintenance support. Just give us a call or drop us an email and let us know what equipment needs covering and we can advise you as to price and how to proceed.

In the meantime here's some information to get you started:
Our contracts are available for a minimum of one year
Discounts are available if you wish to increase the term of the contract to three years or more.

Renewal paperwork is activated prior to the renewal date and payment by this date will ensure continued cover
Notice to terminate the agreement is 60 days prior to the expiration date

Your system may be subject to a survey prior to entering an agreement.

The cost of the contract is determined by the amount of equipment that needs covering and the level of service required.

Our main levels of cover are:

Level A - Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm (excluding Bank Holidays)
Level B - Monday to Saturday 9am to 5pm (excluding Bank Holidays)
Level C - Monday to Sunday 9am to 5pm (excluding Bank Holidays)

Further levels have been created to offer that tailor made cover for your specific business needs so please feel free to ask if the levels above don't quite work for you.

Cover includes:

Access to our helpdesk
Remote diagnostics
Replacement of equipment
Programming changes
Engineer's site visit


Your first port of call for any fault, or query would be to report it to our helpdesk
You will be asked a series of questions to help diagnose the problem. The next step would be an immediate fix, further investigation or an engineer's visit.
We hold detailed records of all our customer's sites which help us to resolve your problems quickly and efficiently.

Response times are 4 hours for major faults and 16 hours for minor faults but please be assured that we endeavour to assist you as quickly as possible and most faults are treated well within the guide times stated.
Cabling Services Berkshire Telephone Systems has been working with CSI for over 20 years and CSi our preferred cabling partner

Communication Systems and Installations (CSI) is a leading supplier of cabling and IT related solutions to the Commercial Domestic and Educational sectors for over 30 years

Our mission statement is to:

Provide cost effective solutions using the latest technologies at affordable pricing whilst maintaining class leading standards of service

Our skilled technicians are all security vetted, trained in First Aid, and are all complaint with Health and Safety regulations

Cabling services include:
* Cable Audits & Testing
* Computer room alterations
* Electrical works
* Fibre optic cabling
* Network Cabling
* Repatching
* Telephony cabling
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