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What is the Hybrid Solution?
We use an Avaya VoIP telephone system to provide the hosted hybrid service.

The hybrid solution delivers the best elements of hosted and your own PABX, experience shows that a cloud solution may not be as cost effective for businesses requiring 24+ extensions, whereas the hybrid Avaya can offer more savings.
Hybrid is ‘your’ telephone system located in a data centre and designed to meet your needs, it offers the benefits of having your own hardware and the flexibility and reach of the cloud.
A full range of handsets are available from basic telephones to full operator reception consoles.
With Hybrid you benefit from the latest software without the cost of updates, you can add extensions when they are needed, businesses with multiply locations can add additional sites as required.
Hybrid is ‘your’ telephone system located in a data centre
A dedicated phone system Avaya Hybrid Hosted benefits include:-

• A System built for your business
• Fully backed up
• Best in class connectivity
- Flexible
- Scalable with your business
- Always up to date
- Feature rich
- Future proof
- Integrate existing handsets
- Softphones
• Add Mobility
- Multiple locations
- Full support available
- IM / Messaging / Presence - Conferencing - SMS / Web Chat
- Call transfer to remote workers
- Inter site calls not charged
- Opex or Capex
• Investment protected

For more information on the Avaya Hybrid Hosted system and how we can help you - please use the contact us page below or telephone 01491 682 552
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